Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One more cheer!

It's been a wild ride on this roller coaster since I first picked up my pom-poms to become Head Cheerleader of the fan campaign to protest the major changes USA was making to my favorite TV show, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. I threw myself into the Fluff Campaign with gusto. I made the above postcard to send out to the network execs, sent numerous emails to not only the network folks, but to online news outlets and commented on countless blogs and articles. But my favorite part - well that has to be my Head Cheerleader duties! I had such a blast coming up with new and different ways to pump everyone up and keep the morale boosted.

Well, I'm going to pick up my pom-poms one more time and give a big shout out to everyone who made the CI Binder Project happen! A very special shout to my peeps Suzanne, Susan, Hannah and Antje. Months of hard work on the fan campaign turned into months of hard work on the Binder Project. We laughed, we cried, we sweated, we hoped - and our hopes were rewarded!

Three binders were put together. One for Vincent D'Onofrio, one for Kathryn Erbe, and one for Eric Bogosian. Letters came from all over the world - and artwork, too! Kathryn's and Eric's binders went out today to their respective agencies - and Vincent's was personally delivered by our very own Susan, who went to Joe's Pub in New York City on Friday night for the screening of Don't Go In The Woods (directed by Vincent). Read the full report of the delivery HERE.

And to top off that very special evening - not only did Susan get to meet Vincent (again!) but she also gave him special picture pages that she had printed out for each one of us on the Binder Crew so that he could sign them for us! Check it out!

A great big THANK YOU to all who participated in this project. We may have put it all together, but without your letters and artwork, and all of your comments on our Tributes page, there wouldn't have been anything to put together. SO....ONE LAST TIME...(because I have SO missed doing this!).....

GO TEAM LOCI!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A BIG HURRAH from me! Congratulations! You're the best cheerleader ever!

  2. Aww! Thanks, Nantz! Even my pom-poms are blushing! :)

  3. Yes there are very exciting month behind us and we got a perfect finish. Can't wait for our new projects...


  4. Yeah, 3 cheers for the Binder Projects Team. I'm thrilled for all of the team members. What a rewarding experience it must be.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  5. OBC, I love this post :-) Can't say anything else... but love it!

  6. @ Beverly - It's been SO much fun doing this! It feels good to have made Vincent smile like that, too!! :)

    @ TJara - Oh yes, I know exactly what you're saying. ;)

  7. Thanks so much, OBC and Team! Your project was wonderfully executed and had one of the happiest endings ever! Imagine seeing it in The Man's hands in person!! GO TEAM!!!

  8. Is there even a thought that if we had supported the new cast there would at least be a LOCI for Vincent to come back to? I personally loved the stories after Vincent left. What I was disappointed in was that I felt I had been tricked. I was told Jeff Goldblum was coming (which I looked forward to as he is the original weirdo) but not that Vincent was leaving. I was waiting to see them work together. And I still want to see those two work together.

    1. I honestly think that the network execs were trying to add some Hollywood "slick" to the show by adding Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows. The problem is that it fell completely flat because of the way it was done. If they had kept the formula of two detective teams and kept Vincent and Kathryn on, I think that Goldblum and Burrows would have been more well received than they were by some of the most die-hard fans. Even if we lost Eric as Capt. Ross and still gained Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio, it would have worked because the original team who - let's face it - were THE vehicle for the show's success, would have remained intact.

      I do think that it was all of us as a whole who made enough noise to get the final season to happen. Even having only a handful of episodes, S10 still gave us a decent wrap-up of some of the personal storylines and some good cases to chew on. I think that if the debacle of Loyalty from S9 had never happened, we might have had more than a couple of seasons left, but the network folks didn't listen until it was too late. Still miss my show but I am so pumped that we made enough noise to get S10 to even happen! :)

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