Monday, January 25, 2010

Computer Challenges

"What IS it with this thing today???"

Ever had one of those days? You know, when your computer gives you those annoying error messages every time you tell it to do something? Well, I got to thinking...what kind of error messages might our friends in the Major Case Squad get? Check them out!!

Throw Computer


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Let The Dog Out: A Crime Story

The case of the escaping dog – and Detective Goren has already begun to work the case. Our very own Boy Genius will have this thing solved in no time! He’s already taken my statement, which is as follows:

"Before I left for work this morning, I put Ginger in her crate and closed and locked the gate. She was barking, as per the usual, but I knew that after a few minutes, she would realize I was gone and then she would be quiet again. Sasha was in the living room, watching me go, and giving me that sly puppy-dog look that said she was up to something. Then, when I came home from work at approximately 6:45 PM, Ginger herself greeted me at the front door!! Sasha was not far behind. So...HOW did Ginger escape???”

"Good question,” says Detective Goren. “Let’s examine the evidence and talk to the witnesses. We can charge the suspects with attempted escape and general mischief, a Class A misdemeanor.”

The evidence:

Bedding from the crate in the middle of the living room floor.

Gate lying on the floor in the bedroom in front of the crate. Also in evidence is the fact that Ginger was at the door to greet me this evening!!!

The Witnesses:

The Suspects:

Ginger – code name The G-Force – AKA The Escape Artist
Sasha – code name The Fixer – AKA The Flight Risk

Additional charges:

Attempted Evidence Tampering

Witness Intimidation

Kidnapping a Witness

The Sleuth:

Detective Robert Goren - code name The Intimidator - AKA The Boy Genius


With Detective Goren on the case, this crime will soon be solved and the perpetrators will be appropriately sentenced for their part in this crime.